Our Restaurant

Enjoy our delicious dishes of Mexican and international cuisine prepared at the moment by our renowned and experienced chefs. Unwind after a busy day of business or pleasure with our variety of drinks and cocktails.

  • Burger Mignon $75

With bacon and yellow cheese, served with French fries.

  • Beef a la Tampiqueña $119

Strip of filet, accompanied by enchilada of mole poblano, guacamole, refried beans with tortilla chips, fresh cheese and rice.

  • Beef flutes $79

Golden tortillas stuffed with beef accompanied by guacamole, cream and cheese.

  • Xóchitl broth $53

Chicken broth with vegetables, rice and julienned tortilla, served with avocado, pumpkin flower and diced chicken.

  • Club Sandwich $75

Combination of chicken, ham, bacon, lettuce and yellow cheese, served with French fries.

  • Swiss Breast $82

Chicken breast with tomato, avocado, onion and ham, bathed in Italian sauce and au gratin.

  • Caesar salad $79

Mix of lettuce, grilled chicken breast strips, Parmesan cheese and croutons. Accompanied by Caesar dressing.


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